Hailing from Chicago’s most southern side, PORSHA OLAYIWOLA is a woman, poet, lover, warrior, sister, and feminist. A recent college graduate, Porsha received her B.A. in African American Studies with dabbles of U.S. History and Women Studies, and is currently spending a year of service helping to alleviate America’s poverty. Poetically, Porsha O. intertwines the spirits of Audre Lorde, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ida B. Wells Barnett, and June Jordan with the bluntness of Hip Hop Feminism, creating poetry that speaks for itself (pun intended). A citizen of the universe, Porsha O. has NO poetically acclaimed titles to her name, but has had the opportunity to open for Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut, Dr. Cornell West, Hip Hop artist, MC LYTE, and activist Angela Davis. A founding member of the Chicago-based political performance group, “The Unwritten Amendment,” Porsha O. uses poetry to create a dynamic flow of infra-politics that rebel against the norms and generates a cypher that is all her own; a cypher that is uncontrollable, undocumented, and just plain 'ole dope.